Meet the crew

Every week from now on the team here at Adlard Coles Nautical are going to be bringing you news, features and articles that we think our readers will find interesting. There will be guest spots from our authors, competitions and information on how you can submit your own book proposal to us.

This week, however, let’s introduce the blogging team:

Captain Cole is the brains behind the Adlard Coles blog (and despite what you might be thinking, she didn’t actually write this post). The newest recruit at Adlard Coles Nautical, since arriving just over six months ago Jess has edited titles as diverse as a comprehensive knot-tying guide and a book about wind. We don’t know how she finds the time, having got addicted to tweeting for @ReedsNautical.

Mariner Multon is our resident grizzled sea dog, having weathered the stormy waters of nautical publishing longer than the rest of us. Having risen through the ranks from assistant to commissioning editor, Liz has more books under her belt than a thief in Waterstones. Little known fact: Liz met her future husband on a tall ship sailing holiday. He was hungover at the time.

Halfhitchhannah refused to register as Rear Admiral Hannah, but we might yet change her login when she’s not paying attention. As senior editor Hannah ends up doing all the massive 400 page tomes that would sink your boat rather than float it. The highlight of her career so far has been editing Jimmy Cornell’s new book World Voyage Planner.

Ensigneyers is an assistant editor at Adlard Coles Nautical, and was so good at writing the blurb to go on the back covers of the books they let him write the text to go inside one of them too. And then a second. And now a third. All the best jokes are his (though as you are probably thinking, he did write this post).

Kirsty has a good excuse for having a boring name. When she’s not editing the Reeds Professional books she works on Bloomsbury’s sports titles, and also runs the Bloomsbury Sports blog here.

We hope you come back each week and enjoy what we have to offer. We’d love to hear from you, so please do leave us comments.

Full steam ahead!

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