Sunset meanderings along the Thames

So Spring has officially sprung and over the past week we’ve been blessed with extra hours of glorious evening sunshine. I took a stroll along the Thames at Surbiton to capture some of the riverside charm and a glimpse at some of the first evening sails of the season from the Thames Sailing Club. It seems it wasn’t just the weather that was warming up….

One of the finest sunsets of 2012 set the scene for some riverside ramblings...


Distant dinghies tacking leisurely upstream towards Kingston Bridge.

Further towards Kingston, powerboats are polished and prepared for weekend excursions. Note, Raven's Ait in the background. This was Long owned or leased by The Navy League, then the charity responsible for the Sea Cadet Corps and the Girls' Nautical Training Corps. Raven's Ait was the home of TS Neptune, a major sailing, canoeing and boating training establishment until The Navy League invested instead in TS Royalist a small Brig.

Out from their winter shelters, the club's dinghies are prepared for launch. Amongst the dinghies at Thames Sailing Club are the Laser, Solo and Merlin Rocket and Firefly.

Peaceful panorama: there's plenty to marvel at as the sun sets over Raven's Ait.

The bustle of the boatyard is somewhat subdued on a balmy Spring evening. Bliss!

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