The Ballet of Boat Launching

Another guest post from the Grand Mariner:

When you watch an experienced team at work who have obviously worked together for years and are in tune with each other, it’s a joy to see – and a comfort to know your boat is in extremely competent hands. Boat launching is a nervous time for most people, so what a relief it is to see your boat in safe hands. Andy and Colin at Shamrock Quay are a class act.

The bump along the stony uneven boatyard, the intricate juggling of boats being readied, tractors and trailers being positioned with consummate skill, the glide onto the slings, the gentle lowering into the water and whew, she’s safely in – and more important, is floating!

It’s the start of more work before we’re ready to go – changing the engine oil, replacing various filters, and most importantly putting the freshly laundered sails back on – but it’s an exciting time, with the prospect of lots more to come. Bring it on!

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