New Editions of Bestselling Engineering & Technology Books from Reeds

9781408175590Reeds Vol 10: Instrumentation and Control Systems

By Gordon Boyd & Leslie Jackson

This fully revised new edition provides technical and practical descriptions of the operation of instrumentation and control devices and systems for marine engineers. The book contains mathematic analysis where appropriate and is reinforced throughout with worked examples and self-study questions.

It also includes new information on electronic control, electrical equipment in hazardous areas, and up-to-date material on the new generation of electronic controllers, new measurement equipment, and computer based systems.

Revised by Gordon Boyd, a Chartered Electrical Engineer and Senior Lecturer at South Tyneside College, UK. He is also a Consultant for Electric Works developing distance-learning packages and computer-based learning training for Marine Engineers and ETOs, and has extensive sea-going experience.

Also available from the Reeds Marine Engineering & Technology Series

9781408175552  9781408175965  9781408175996  9781408175255  9781408176092

Comprehensive and authoritative, the Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology series is highly regarded among maritime educators around the world.

Written by leading experts, each title maps the syllabus content of the relevant Certificate of Competence (CoC) for Marine Engineering and Deck Officers, following the STCW Code, including the 2010 Manila Amendments, laid down by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

An essential resource for students and professionals in the maritime industry, each volume distils the latest maritime technology and contains up-to-date technical drawings and specimen examination questions.

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