Blown away by Bloomsbury Australia!

Bloomsbury Down Under meets Bailey’s humans – we can’t decide whether we’re more jealous of the cake and tea or of Jackson the office dog…

Bailey Boat Cat

Yesterday mum popped in to meet all the Bloomsbury ladies in the Sydney office. She sat down and had afternoon tea with Sonia, Kirstin, Bethia and Kate but she was very honoured to meet a very impawtant canine called Jackson! He quietly runs the office and keeps the humans out of mischief while he quality controls everything.


They were all so friendly and very excited about my book. I hope I get to go over in cat one day and meet them all myself.

It was another example of what a small world we live in when mum and Bethia realised they were both Cornish. Once mum had left and was wandering around Sydney with dad she was very surprised to run into Bethia again! They got chatting about Cornwall and realised that not only had they gone to the same primary school, but they were both in the same…

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