Elvstrøm Explains the Racing Rules

The Olympic Games may have been postponed this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but World Sailing have released their changes to the racing rules bang on time. The 2021 to 2024 rules kick in come January, and this week we published our bestselling guide, Elvstrøm Explains the Racing Rules.

As well as containing the full rules and a guide to all the changes, the book takes a unique approach to explaining them, featuring bird’s-eye view diagrams, comprehensive examples of racing situations and cross references to the relevant World Sailing case studies. This approach was originally devised by Paul Elvstrøm, arguably the greatest Olympic sailor of all time, whose gold medal record has yet to be broken decades later. It has continued to be updated by his son-in-law and international racing judge, Søren Krause.

Long established as the most accessible and most trusted guide to the racing rules, the book also includes a confidence-building section on how to present your case in a protest, and the back cover shows the signal flags for instant easy reference on the race course.

However, the aspect we are most excited to reveal is the return of the plastic boat models for use during protest hearings. These were dropped from the previous edition but we have listened to feedback from customers and found a way to bring them back just the way you will remember them. As before, they are transparent but coloured differently so can also be used with an overhead projector.

We hope Elvstrøm Explains the Racing Rules helps all racers, whether you’re in a dinghy, keelboat or larger yacht, and as with all our books, we really appreciate all feedback you send us. We publish books for you, and we are always interested in hearing what our readers have to say. Please do feel free to get in touch with any comments or suggestions via adlardcoles@bloomsbury.com or on Twitter (@ReedsNautical) or Facebook.

You can order the latest edition direct from us at a special discount here: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/elvstrom-explains-the-racing-rules-9781472980595/