Our spring reads highlights

With Europe’s most successful vaccination programme and the coronavirus now apparently in full retreat, Britain can hopefully look forward to a long, hot summer of largely unrestricted freedom to enjoy time out on the water. In this spring reads blog we highlight a carefully curated selection of our books, both new and well established, all of which will help you and everyone else get the most from sailing in 2021.

All of these books are currently available at a discount price if you buy them direct from the Bloomsbury website. Just click on the promo price links to take you to the right pages.


Go Sailing (RRP £12.99, promo price £11.69) is our new guide for complete beginners. Assuming no knowledge of what to do when sailing, this is a practical, inspiring and accessible guide to all the basics (and beyond), packed with colour photos and other helpful illustrations. If you want to encourage anyone to join you on the boat, or take up sailing as a new pastime, then this is the book you – or more importantly they – need.

The Sailing Bible (RRP £25, promo price £22.50) is exactly what it says on the cover. It is the complete hands-on manual packed with detailed step-by-step diagrams, lively photographs and helpful advice on getting the most out of sailing, at whatever level. It covers everything from knots to navigation, racing to rules of the road, maintenance and repair to reading the weather, plus lots more besides.


Reeds Skipper’s Handbook (RRP £8.99, promo price £8.09) is one of the best-selling books we have ever published because it is quite literally the book every sailor (whether skipper or crew) needs in their pocket. It is the essential aide memoire to everything you need to know when on board, written in a concise fashion for quick and easy reference, with clear colour illustrations throughout.

Complete Day Skipper (RRP £25, promo price £22.50) is the book you need if you have decided this year is the year you finally go for your Day Skipper qualification. Written by sailing legend Tom Cunliffe, and updated only last year, he covers everything you need to know, following the Day Skipper syllabus but also adding his own personal insights so you get the full guide to getting the qualification but a lot more besides.


Around the Coast in 80 Days (RRP £16.99, promo price £15.29) is the perfect guide to anyone heading to the coast this year, regardless of whether they arrive by car, bike, foot or boat. Author Peter Naldrett has selected 80 locations around the British coast that represent the very best of what our country’s seaside has to offer, whether that is an exciting coastal town or a remote and tranquil spot ideal to unwind after the stresses of the past year.

The Boat Cookbook (RRP £18.99, promo price £17.09) is just what you need before the restaurants reopen properly again – and perhaps afterwards too. Going beyond the usual pre-packaged approach to preparing meals on board, this book is full of tasty, inspiring and filling recipes that can still be prepared in the smallest of galleys with the minimum of washing up. Many of them are so good you’ll want to make them at home too.


Canals of Britain (RRP £30, promo price £27) is the most comprehensive survey of Britain’s canals ever compiled. Uniquely drawn from author Stuart Fisher’s travels along the entire network by canoe, it is packed with colour photography, maps and fascinating text covering everything from history and architecture to folklore, wildlife and art. All key attractions close to the canals are featured, for a great day out.

Great Waterways Journeys (RRP £16.99, promo price £15.29) is even more of a travel guide to the canals, focusing on specific routes, through cities, spectacular landscapes and idyllic countryside. With route maps and practical information for boaters, cyclists and walkers, however you’re thinking of visiting Britain’s inland waterways, this is the one-stop guide to the many stops en route.

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