Taking the stress out of sailing

Next month we publish a brand new edition of Duncan Wells bestselling Stress-Free Sailing. Since the first edition was first published in 2015, Duncan has taken the same approach with a whole range of boating topics, packed with practical advice and QR links to videos, giving you a taste of the one-on-one tutoring he gives students at his sailing school. In this blog he gives a stress-free guide to all the books, existing and upcoming.

Stress-Free Sailing

Who is it for?

All sailors from novices to old salts.


It doesn’t matter if you are new to sailing or have been at it all your life, getting your boat off the dock and back on again will always raise the heart rate and merit care and attention. Stress Free Sailing gives you ground breaking, robust techniques to ensure you execute the perfect casting off and the perfect coming alongside, every time, whether single-handed or fully crewed.

Plus there are host of tips and techniques from getting the best out of your sails in light airs and heavy weather, to peace of mind anchoring – even how to tie your leather deck shoe laces. And there are videos of the techniques in action. A photo is all very well but a video really shows you how it’s done.

Stress-Free Motorboating

Who is it for?

As it does for the motorboaters what Stress Free Sailing does for the sailors, it is for all motorboaters.


Close quarter manoeuvring of your boat mastered. Getting her on and off the dock single handed in a relaxed fashion using ground breaking robust techniques – that’s what you get from Stress Free Motorboating. Plus tips to make things easier for you and the crew, how to coil and finish off lines neatly, lighter lines for coming alongside, how to care for the engines so they won’t let you down, thinking ahead, planning, everything to make life on board as stress free as possible. And the videos of course.

Stress-Free Navigation

Who is it for?

All budding Day Skippers and Yachtmasters – and their crew.


I teach RYA navigation all day long and I have ways of explaining the fundamental disciplines to students that make sense to them so they get the idea straight away. Some people learn by picturing things, some by hearing things and some by getting hold of things and exploring them with their hands. I understand that and I give my students what makes sense for them. And that’s what you get in Stress Free Navigation, all the techniques, tips and aide memoires for remembering things, plus the simple short cuts for things that people have always been told are complicated. There’s no need to get brain fade when thinking about Secondary Ports, I show you how to work them out in your head. Straightforward, really. Plus handy videos.

Stress-Free Mooring

Who is it for?

Everyone. I have combined the techniques for sailors and motorboaters into one book.


Exactly as for Stress Free Sailing and Stress Free Motorboating from the casting off and coming alongside perspective whether you be mooring to a dock, a mooring buoy or anchoring. It was inspired by an American who wanted a handy book for the cockpit when he was mooring.

101 Tips for Stress-Free Sailing

Who is it for?

All sailors and motorboaters – the ideal Christmas present for anyone who already has Stress Free Sailing, Stress Free Motorboating, Stress Free Navigation and Stress Free Mooring.


101 neat tips, some from the existing books and some new.

When is it published?

September 2021.

Stress-Free Engine Maintenance

Who is it for?

Sailors and motorboaters alike. Anyone who has an engine in their boat.


To make sure that engines operate reliably and do not let you down you have to look after them. This book tells you what to do. It won’t train you to become a mechanic or to strip a 4 cylinder diesel engine but it will train you to stay on top of the needs if your engine to give you stress free reliability. Full of tips and handy hints of course, like how to syphon diesel from a can without getting a mouthful! And handy trouble shooting flow diagrams if anything does go wrong. And there will be videos.

When is it published?

April 2022.

You can order all of the Stress-Free books that have already been published direct from our website with a 10% discount code: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/search?q=stress-free&Gid=1

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