The song of the boatyard

A guest post contributed by The Grand Mariner

Hard graft at fore and aft

At this time of year I really love the song of the boatyard – drills, grinders, power washers, sanders – and the groan of aching backs! It’s the sound of boats being readied for the water; being scraped, repaired, spruced, buffed, and protected for another season on the water. So none of the hard work, pain or aching really matters because there is the delicious prospect of another year’s sailing to be had. And the satisfaction of seeing your boat smart and gleaming like she never will be for the rest of the season once the weather gets to her!

The boatyard is abuzz

Whilst the elbow grease goes on the talk is of when, where, who with, for how long – all couched in the perennial seafarer’s caution (superstition?) – ‘If the weather is right / if we can make it / if we can get away’ etc etc. No-one wants to be so definite in their plans that Neptune steps in and says, ‘We’ll see about that…’

Ah, the prospect of time afloat, what a tonic it is. Roll on launch day!