A celestial stroll

Guest post contributed by The Grand Mariner

It’s not often (ever?!) that you find yourself walking from the Sun, past Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Neptune, and out to the furthest reaches of our solar system to the (now downgraded) Pluto – all 3.6 billion miles worth, and all before lunch on a Saturday– a distance that it would take a car driving at 80 mph 5123 years to arrive! But this is what one member of the Adlard Coles team found themselves doing on Ventnor Esplanade on the south side of the Isle of Wight in gorgeous sunshine during a brilliant visualization exercise. It was all the brainchild of Stokey Woodall, whose passion and knowledge about the stars and the planets inspired us to hand ourselves over for a ‘Walk through the Heavens’ experience. We gleaned all manner of staggering facts and information, whilst confronting mind-boggling distances and concepts that make our daily toil on earth seem inconsequential and very, very parochial by comparison.

It was a fun, enlightening and mind-opening experience, and I urge anyone with nothing better to do (or even plenty better to do) on a spring Saturday to sign up for (email: ios@gmx.com; website: www.internationaloceanservices.co.uk). Our Saturday mornings (and our clear sky gazing) will never be the same again!